Why Gambling Endures

Just exactly what makes gambling so popular? What is it about this activity that transcends culture, race, gender and social status?

Of course, even before the advent of casinos, gambling was already a part of society; exactly how the activity originated is open to debate, but what is clear is that once it was learned, it became entrenched in the social fabric of civilization. Today it is more popular than ever. With online casinos, anyone with a computer can now play anytime.

As for why it is so popular, there are several possible reasons. Number one is that it offers the possibility of making a lot of money. That is, after all, what gambling is all about in the end; Most players know, even without knowledge of numbers, that the casino has an edge in most games, but even then they play. And why not? What are a few coins when you can hit a slot jackpot worth $1 million or more? This isn't just confined to slots of course; roulette, craps also offer the same possibility.

But it's not just the one shot thing; as people like Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth and others have shown, you can make money, and have a career in gambling. Sure it requires hard work, but it beats having to sit behind a desk and working for an over demanding boss.

For others, it is just the thrill; those who engage in high stakes games (like high rollers) don't just do it for the money; they do it for the love of the game, and also for the challenge.

Yet one more reason why gambling has endured is that it helps people socialize. Bingo is probably the most well gambling game (for that is what it is) that promotes social activity, but the truth is even games like Poker gets people together. Go to any casino, or just watch on TV, and you'll see players conversing and having a chat.

Of course, home based gambling provides even cozier settings; while there's money at stake here, it is the occasion to just lay back and have a good time with friends and family that concerns the participants.

Finally, as any student of history will attest to, gambling has always provided not just entertainment, but also employment. All those casinos in Las Vegas, Macau, Atlantic City etc. employ thousands of people, people who would be jobless without these establishments. For these people the activity is their lifeline.

Gambling is here to stay, and deservedly so, because as the facts have pointed out, it is an activity that promotes socializing; it is entertaining, and so much more.

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